Some of us are related and some of us live together, but we like to think of everyone as part of the Cassette family.

The Cassette Team

Owner & Managing Director
He is our teacher and our leader and his mission is to keep us healthy and happy. He solves all sorts of problems in all areas of Cassette and comes up with a million ideas in the shower every morning.
Operations Director & Partner
If there is a way, Kristin will find it. And if there isn't, he'll make one. He heads up the print and operations at Cassette, and will kung-fu his way to a print installation anywhere in town.
Creative Director
Head of crayons. Mick has big red earphones and when he's plugged in, you know its business. His world is illustrated with original, clean concepts, the gym and alphabetically ordered design books.
Jess W
General Manager
From marketing strategies through to Oprah-esque guidance during stressful times, Jess keeps the Cassette wheels abundantly well-oiled, and perpetually in motion.
Financial Director
By night you’ll find her socializing, but by day, it’s all about crunching numbers and spreadsheets. With a killer smile, and wardrobe to match, Sheena is our fabulous financial director who never says no to a 90’s power ballad.
Strategy Director
Lora is our jet-setting strategy director. She not only provides clients with ahead of the game marketing ideas, but also a killer wardrobe to match. A year indulging in European delights and luxury fashion didn't dampen this yogi's passion for a healthy body and healthy mind, making her a perfect fit for the Cassette office.
Digital Director
When he's talking, you have to listen carefully - he's either speaking code, or French, or code in a French accent. When he grows up, he is going to fly us around the world, which is good for him because pilots don't need to talk much to other people.
Executive Digital Producer
Jay lives, breathes and loves building digital experiences, digital products and digital businesses. To Jay, everything in this world comes down to the user experience; from buying online to buying a beer, in Jay's head, it all receives a user experience review.
Design Director
Pauline thinks Pugs are proof that God has an awesome sense of humour. Interior design, books, print porn & designer handbags are her Kryptonite. She's also a writer, and can send you her blog in a flash if you just ask her. (Ask her.)
Jess D
Fashion & retail are Jess' specialties. She keeps Mag Nation in business by buying hundreds of magazines she won't actually read, but instead ravenously devours for their layouts and print.
Digital Designer
Designing in pixels and movement is Dani's thing, which is suiting as she is also an amazing dancer. She understands the intricate language of web design, pugs and people who speak code.
Nikko b-boys circles around Photoshop and Illustrator. He creates shopping centre way-findings, property hoardings and install mock-ups as naturally as a famished Notorious BIG with cake.
Junior Strategist
She is an artist, a strategist, and does a ferocious Irish accent. She is proudly missing that part of the brain that requires sleep. A thinker with the quietest sneeze, she knows every song by every artist of practically every genre.
Account Manager
Taryn's our social media guru, so naturally she's besotted with funny internet memes and her iPhone camera. She also writes for Milkbarmag and is a little too obsessed with cats and crafting - making her the oldest young person we know.
Lucy D
Account Manager
She's the silent, Trojan worker who manages our property clients as effortless as she delivers scorching one-liners.  She also looks very sweet, which makes her all the more deadly.
Account Manager
The Energiser bunny's got nothin' on her. Manages a hundred jobs in one day, and does. not. stop. Wears amazing heels the size of Rialto, which never ever slow her down.
Account Manager
Print is Rachael's first language. Her second language is GSM, but she is also very fluent in the language of online shopping and is a very loud Hawks supporter.
Account Manager
First and longest employee. Finished artist and print account manager extraordinaire. He unashamedly spits out Dad-jokes, and laughs at every single one of them. A warning though, he turns into the devil at a Carlton football game.
Account Manager
The best multi-tasker you'll ever meet - for a male. Also a brilliant photographer, Andy juggles both print accounts, inspections and installation like he's being doing it since birth.
Lucy G
Account Manager
Editor-in-chief, and chief of beautiful stocks and illustrations. Incessant hoarder of inspiration - from photography through to the quirky packaging from the cafe across the road. She will judge you according to your business card.
Account Manager
In house Martha Stewart, without the tax evasion (we think). An early morning email from Kasey can only mean one thing ... baked goodness! She also manages enormous retail print campaigns which she whips up and delivers with love too.
Rach D
Account Manager
A print guru by day and designer by night, Rach D is your go-to-girl for spectacular hand-made floral head pieces and garlands. Inspired by her landscape architecture degree, her art is a fusion of nature and design.
Account Manager
Dan is the latest Kiwi to join the print herd, bringing with him his killer sign-writing skills and unwavering sunny disposition. When he's not creating masterpieces on the large format printer you'll find him cruising the street, making all the hipsters jealous on his fixey.
Nat is part of Cassette's finance department. She also does a marvelous job keeping Cassette well-fed, well-stocked, and most importantly - hygienic.
Print Production
That's Dr Joe Murphy to you - soon. He's part of the production team, and is also a graphic designer by trade.  He rides his bike to Portsea and back without breaking a sweat. We're pretty sure he can dismantle a nuclear bomb if he puts his mind to it.
Print Production
You call Zac 'The Lamina-tor' using a Schwarzenegger voice. He can impo, guillotine, bind, rip a proof and that's all while you were still sleeping. He's also setting up a T-shirt business called 'fifty50', to fuel his one of 300 passions, which is mixed-media arts.
Print Production
Mark William Russell sounds like a Victorian novelist, but this guy's part of the Cassette production team. He is actually writing a novel though, along with a few screen plays, and is guaranteed to be the next JK Rowling - but with a much better name.
Jess S
Merchandise Production
Jess S heads up our Promotional Products and Merchandise Department. Loves staying active and is passionate about the outdoors - surfing, golf and scooter-ing around - and plays passable footy from time to time.